A Full Range Of Testing Services

Vehicle Testing

Dual Rail Inspection System

Delivers reliable, repeatable results

Sperry's B-Scan Dual Rail Inspection Systems allow one operator to test two rails at once, improving testing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. B-Scan flaw detector technology delivers reliable, repeatable results. The Systems provide a complete, auditable record of test and comprehensive position tracking.

Non-Stop Testing Services

Offer Significant Benefits

Sperry's Non-Stop Testing Services offer significant benefits to railroads and railways through less interference with day-to-day operations and the ability to increase testing frequency without sacrificing test quality or economics.We offer non-stop testing services utilizing both hi-rail and railbound vehicles that collect data at speeds of up to 50mph (80 km/h), covering 120-160 miles (190-260 km) per day. Test data is uploaded to an analysis center and reviewed by experts who determine the locations requiring manual verification. Ultrasonic experts then perform manual verification using Sperry's walking sticks to confirm the existence of defects.

Traditional stop and verify Testing services

Sperry offers traditional stop and verify testing services using our hi-rail and railbound fleet. Test data is analyzed in real time and manual verification of suspect indications is performed on the track at the time of test. At the end of each test day, detailed testing and defect reports are generated and presented to the customer, and are made available through our online portal.


Sperry's specialized testing group inspects rail in areas that are inaccessible or where using hi-rail or railbound vehicles is not always economical. Example applications include the inspection of interlockings, switch components, plug rail, welds, and other rail-related components for defects.