TwinView™ Data Analysis

quality assurance and system integrity

TwinView analysis delivers quality assurance and system integrity by allowing the Sperry Analysis Group to accurately identify, prioritize, and ID suspected flaws by comparing current test data with previous test data. TwinView analysis allows our analysts to keep track of all ultrasonic observations on the rail, and ensures suspected flaws are addressed.

Sperry News & Announcements
Sperry Announces Partnership with H. Rohloff (PTY) Limited

Sperry is pleased to announce its partnership with H. Rohloff (PTY) Limited, the preeminent materials testing and measuring company in South Africa. The partnership will support the safe operation and rail flaw testing requirements of Sub Saharan Africa's railways.

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Sperry is now operating in Africa and Australia

Sperry's global reach includes active relationships with railways from heavy haul networks to metropolitan systems in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

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